Social Responsibility

We at Narayan are consciously aware of our responsibilities towards the society and always endeavour to contribute to its positive development in the following ways:

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • A ban on child labour
  • A ban on discrimination
  • A ban on forced labour
  • Improving health and safety standards at workplace


We at Narayan support various groups & NGOS working for a cause that helps empowerment:
  • We provide job works to NGOs working with riot affected, destitute and physically challenged women.
  • We hold Training workshops for women to teach them livelihood skills such as embroidery, stitching etc.
  • We organize workshops for school children as part of awareness programs.

Environmental Responsibility

The group’s entire philosophy stands towards adhering to all environmental norms thereby eradicating synthetic chemicals from any color industry that have contributed immensely towards AIR, WATER and SOIL POLLUTION resulting in global warming. The group is committed to being a responsible organization – to their customers, employees within industry and neighborhood with regards to prevention of pollution, continued improvement of environmental management programs and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
Our customers are provided with products that have minimal environmental impact and offers assistance with their compliance efforts. We purchase materials from suppliers who share our beliefs and views regarding environmental protection. We also ensure to instill our beliefs in all our employees so that they have an appropriate respect for all materials stored and used in our facilities that require a safe and proper handling at all times.